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Fremdsprachenwettbewerb “Would I lie to you” – preparatory course

English is not a language, it is a lifestyle. English is a necessity in every aspect of our life.

As our English teachers, Ms Laimer and Ms Danner, told us about the opportunity to have an extra course, in which we could perfect our pronunciation and discuss various topics, a lot of us students were really enthusiastic. Even if we had to stay in school until five o’clock, we enjoyed the extra lessons very much and were motivated every time as well.

Our teachers were ambitiously coaching us in order to be sufficiently prepared for the competition. By using suitable phrases in each of our discussions and talking about lies in every kind of situation, all participants were able to confidently take part on March 7, 2019. Even though only two of each group were allowed to partake, the course was beneficial for all of us. For the sake of getting our full attention, we began every lesson with a catchy song, which was always well chosen and a highlight of the day. Additionally, as our teachers used different methods, we were able to show our skills in English communication and as they always encouraged us to use phrases and idiomatic language, we are now also well prepared for the A-Levels. Moreover, not only discussing the topic of lies but also including the latest environmental issues as well as political matters and latest news made the time spent in the evenings informative and interesting.

All in all, the course was well-balanced and always an experience. We enjoyed it very much and truly appreciate the effort our teachers put into it.

Elissa Chiser, 8A


Exploring South Africa autonomously

At the beginning of the school year interested students of the 6th form were offered a course for gifted students in which they had the opportunity to work on self-chosen topics concerning South Africa for a longer period of time. One aim of this course was to improve their skills when it comes to working autonomously and organizing themselves and they could enhance their oral competence in English. Furthermore, setting and defining realistic aims and learning about time, relaxation and stress management techniques were essential aspects of this course.

Additionally, creativity loomed large and that is why they even went to school on a Saturday morning to cook some African specialities, which was a lot of fun and very delicious. The final outcome of the students’ project work was presented individually at the end of the course.

Mag.a Melanie Danner


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