Language learning made easy

Without doubt, English is all around us. Fully aware of this fact, the students in 5BC took a closer look at foreign language acquisition by exploring and reflecting on useful study tips for exactly that. They fully agreed that knowing multiple languages is one of the best things that can help you in life. All you need is some time and the will to get going. Make sure to diversify your study methods, find outlets you enjoy and, most importantly, have fun. Moreover, it has never been easier with all these fabulous and easily available resources out there on the worldwide web. So here you are – findbelow some hopefully valuable tips for language learners put together by class 5BC for you:

  • Read English books appropriate for your level
  • Find a buddy who is keen on learning a foreign language too
  • Connect with both natives and non-natives speakers through social networks
  • Draw up your own learning plan and stick to it
  • Use a learning method you are comfortable with
  • Use apps and visual reminders
  • Set small milestones and reward yourself frequently
  • Listen to music and check out the lyrics
  • Watch films with subtitles in the original language
  • Find a summer job abroad
  • Use the newly acquired knowledge whenever possible
  • Do not be shy – simply go for it!
  • Forget about perfection and do not let fear holdyouback – have fun instead!

To round this topic off, it was the students’ job to put things into practice by watching films, documentaries or series of their own choice at home. Not only that, they then kept a film and TV journal. But what exactly is that? It is sort of a scrapbook used to create a documented record of one’s movie-watching experiences. It’s as easy as that. You choose the style that fits your ideas, your creativity and your personality, too, which makes every individual’s film journal unique. Not only does it give you the chance to practise your foreign language skills by verbalising your experiences of the films but it also offers the opportunity to be really creative and you can look back upon your entries later. Your recollection of the movies may fade, but you will always have your journal to refresh your memory. On top of all that, it is relaxing and a welcome change to all the conventional homework pupils get set throughout the school year.

See for yourselves – the impressive outcome has exceeded all expectations. Well done everyone! I am immensely proud of you!

Mag.a Nadja Igelsböck

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