Language project week in Mondsee – 6A,6B,6C

Luckily enough, the students of classes 6ABC could spend five intense and enjoyable days on a language project week in Mondsee before the autumn break. Here is some of the students´ feedback:

I enjoyed practising English with the natives. The sports programmes, especially trying out baseball, was really cool.

I think it was a great week! It was so cool to communicate in English for a whole week. All the native speakers were great fun and very friendly.

 Our teachers were very friendly and we enjoyed the whole journey. We hope next year’s classes will also be able to go on such a language camp as it was a cool experience. It was cool to get to know the students from the other classes with whom we normally don’t interact at school that often. And a quote we won’t forget is “Roll, Jerome!” We’ll remember this week and the people for a long time.

 Thanks to the teachers and native speakers for putting so much effort into this week and all the activities.

Onomatopoeia is an amazing word we learned. It took us a few tries but we eventually intentionally said it right. Palindrome, on the other hand, was actually hard, we needed a few reminders to store it in our heart.

I enjoyed speaking with the natives and I liked that we had so much fun.

Happy native speakers
Trying to teach us something
Sometimes making fun of us
to make us happy again
Giving their best
to be the best.
Thank you for everything!

I absolutely enjoyed the time as we had great conversations with our native speakers who were really kind. We had much fun and I think it was a fantastic experience. Now, I am not afraid of speaking English and I feel much more confident. We even started talking in English in our freetime ‘cause we were so used to it.

Learning about South African history was highly educational and the four guys who taught us were extremely entertaining. It was incredibly interesting to find out about their lives. I also think that it was fascinating to get to know the different accents and speak about their home countries’ cultures. Getting away from everyday life was great and having different kinds of English lessons too. I totally recommend this week!

students of classes 6ABC
October 2021


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